Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Fat burning workout

1. Cycle sprints:  Cycle sprint is the one of the best excercise for burning most of the calories you can do this excercise in the gym as well as you can purchase this cycling machine and do it from your home. This is the easiest and beneficial excercise for reducing weight and burning calories.

2.High knees: High knees is the type of excercise which burn massive calories and also gain some leg muscles.

3.Cross trainer: Cross trainer is just like cycling in a different way and this machine you will find in most of the gyms. Cross trainer is also easiest excercise and helps to reduce weight. You can do this excercise for 15 to 20 minutes in a single workout session.

4. Box jump: Box jumps are also hits your thighs as well as used to burn some massive calories. It also help to gain strength on your legs.

5.Jump squats: Jump squats are also hits on the thighs this excercise also cover our abdominal area as well burn tummy fat. It also help to gain some massive leg muscles.

6. Pull ups: This excercise is bit some hard and most of the people is struggling when doing this. But if your partner hold your legs and helps to pull your body upwards and after some time you will see that you can do this without any help of ur partner. So just try it. This excercise burns lots of calories and make some massive lats muscles as well.
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Monday, 18 February 2019

Best chest workout for mass

Chest is the part in our body which people notice first when we remove our shirt. So it is necessary to have a muscular chest to look muscular. Here i am sharing some of the finest excercises for building massive chest.

1. Barbell bench press : Barbell bench press is the type of excercise which hit on our whole chest. This excercise hits each and every muscle of the chest and mostly hit on the middle chest.

2. Incline dumbell press : Incline dumbell press is the type of excercise which hit our upper chest it basically use to gain upper muscle of our chest. But you have to maintain 40 degree angle on the bench so its hit adjactly where it should be. Its a compound excercise.

3. Incline dumbell press: Incline barbell press is a compound excercise. It hits upper chest. This excercise is also increase strength. You must have to set the bench on 40 to 45 degree angle so it hits properly on chest muscle.

4. Dips : This excercise hits on the lower chest. Its alternate of the decline bench press. Dips excercise is little bit difficult to do so you can do its alternate also that is decline bench press.

5. flat dumbell press: Flat dumbell press is a compound excercise and it hits on the middle chest. Flat dumbell press used for gain thickness on the chest.

6. Machine flys : Machine flys hits on the chest line. This is a isolation excercise. It used to work on the middle line of the chest and also give proper shape to the chest.
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Fat burning workout

1. Cycle sprints:    Cycle sprint is the one of the best excercise for burning most of the calories you can do this excercise in the...